Less of Me in Pictures

Today I posted my first weigh in, my weight today and the biggest I have ever been. 
So, in honor of my huge, three digit number I thought I would post a few more icky pictures for some motivational purposes.  

August 2010, Girls and GAGA 
It's never fun to be the big girl of the group, and that I am
My sister and I look like the number 10 again

A dear friend and I at our annual girls camping trip
September 2010
I love this picture but never posted it anywhere only because of my horrible size

Same camping trip
Worst picture ever of me and so sad because it's such a fabulous group

Night out for my sister's 21st birthday
Such an uncomfortable weight

Between my two sisters
I was so uncomfortable this night

November 2010
Um, yeah, don't have the "LESS of me" yet but in time I know I will have some to post. So, big breath, here's some of me now.  I will be more brave when I feel a little more brave. 

June 2010, my sister's graduation (even though my son is wearing her cap) 
See how I am trying to hide behind my other son? 

I bet we would look more a like if I wasn't so round ... 
and no I am not being too hard on myself, just honest  

My other sister and I, we look like a backwards number ten 
March 2010

Last one for today, just to show this weight thing has been a 
silent pushed aside problem for a while
One of my best girlfriends and I on her bachelorette party night 
September 2005


  1. Photos can really, really motivate. I keep me at my heaviest weight on my bathroom mirror. I can't NOT look at it when I'm in there. This was a good idea and I'm sure it will help you set some goals (it doesn't hurt that the new year is coming up, either....wipe the slate clean and make 2011 YOUR year!! :)

  2. Thank you, Ellen. It was really hard posting those, even harder posting my weight but it does help make me REALIZE.