Monday, February 28, 2011

Big owie ...

Nothing like a grand 'ol kidney infection to throw me off track and way behind.
It's been a tough February.  Bad news (besides the kidney infection that hurts almost as bad as child birth with no meds) is February came and went and I did nothing for me, but rest and try to get better.  I was down for almost two weeks.  Good news, I lost 6 pounds, doing nothing, just being gosh-darn-sick.  I would trade those six pounds to feel like me again, all 100% heavy me. 
Pushing for a better March.
I will try to get back with it.  Between work and being sick and being a Mommy ... blogging has just not been something I could get to.
March, please change that. 
Hope all is well with you!


  1. February wasn't good to you at all was it? Hope March is better!

  2. Here's to a healthy, happy, blogging filled March for you!

  3. Thanks ladies. I am feeling much better. Trying to catch up on daily live chores and then eventually getting back into blogging, as a full time needed-me-time!

  4. Ouch! I've had those before and they are not nice. I have painkillers and hot water bottles for just that very purpose so have my utter sympathy!
    Have you tried ibuprofen codeine tablets + Cranberry tablets its my own concoction from too many sore ones but it really knocks the pain on the head till you can get a prescription.

    x get well