Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lighten Up, Will I?

Geez ... this sucks.  Wanna recap last week?  Two days at the gym only and watching what I ate, especially last night when the bowl of ice cream was super yummy, yes, I saw it all go in.  I didn't do any fast food, except for sneaking some carne asada fries from my man at two in the morning after a night of drinking ... it was my birthday and my little sis' and we drank, so what.  I am trying not to beat myself up too much.  Life goes on ... I have that, right?  Always tomorrow for me ...
On a positive note, I have been following along with the "Pride in 2011, Hate Loss Challenge," with Fat Girl Wearing Thin and even though I have been too busy to personally thank her or let her know what is going on with me during this, I can say it's nice to have something holding me back from looking at myself and wanting to punch my lights out.  Seriously.  I don't want to punch other chubby girls, so why myself, right?  I have been pretty positive with myself and when I want to cry or hate myself for being uncomfortable in my own skin, I remember why to love myself, I'm me and me needs to look out for me, so there.  Big sigh, I still don't like seeing myself in the HUGE bathroom mirror at work, but I don't run by the darn thing anymore.  Again, me is looking out for me.
So let's see what this week brings.  I have my gym bag ready for work, and lunch planned for the entire week.  My dog has been promised at least five good walks this week by yours truly and no birthdays to stear me away from water and towards whiskey sours.  Oh, but it sure was a fun night.
Happy Monday folks!
And play along with the above blog I am going to post.
We all need to lighten up every now and then and not stress all the live long time over that number on the

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  1. I think two days is awesome! It is soooo hard to get motivated to go the gym. And I only remember you eating one or two fries anyway haha Annette and I split the entire order between us...def regretting that the next day LOL.