Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall ... who am I, after all?

Who Are You?

I saw this today on my good friends blog, Adventures in Vandyland and I loved the idea behind it. So, I decided to do it too! Besides, I don't always want to post about my diet worries every.single.time.
Please, pull up a chair, stay a while and join in the fun! 
First thing that pops in my head ... I will jot it down :) 

I Am...breathing a sigh of relief that I am finally back in the working world.

I Want...the freedom to eat whatever I want and still lose weight!

I Have...the greatest kids who make me laugh daily

I Wish...that peeps would just designate a driver, it's pretty simple!

I Hate...arrogance as a trait in people

I Fear...death, mostly for my loved ones or leaving my kids too early

I Hear...pitter patter of dog feet sniffing around behind me

I Search...GOOGLE is my best friend, I search no more with GOOGLE!

I Wonder...if I will ever get this skinny thing down,it's only myself holding me back

I Regret...not listening to my Dad more as a kid ... he really was right

I kids, my guy, my family, my friends, books, dogs, cheese, salt ... I could go on and on

I Ache...bottom of my foot, need new walking shoes

I Always...have to have a current book to read

I Usually...have a sweet tooth

I Am Not...stubborn

I Dance...not enough

I Sing...all the time and it was hard not having a voice for two weeks and trying to belt out to Lady Gaga!

I Never...want to feel like I have hit rock bottom, again

I Rarely...get mad easily

I Cry...not so much but I do tear up a lot

I Am Not Always...a clean freak

I Lose...hopefully weight soon!

I'm Confused...when it comes to my new job, darn it!

I guy and kids for sure

I in bed ... four o'clock comes too fast

Who are you?


  1. haha I like the designated driver part

  2. Hi I hope you don't mind me Following you!