Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Little Tidbits on this Merry Monday!

1. I skipped this week's weigh-in.  Fail.  But Santa said it was okay, this one.

2. I had a very Merry Christmas

3. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

4. I splurged on Christmas Eve, so many delicious goodies.  Yum. 

5. I was much better on Christmas.  Not even eggnog!

6. Christmas colds suck

7. Almost caught up on Dexter season 5 

8. True Blood is next 

9. LOVE those shows

10. The treadmill and I will be buddies this week 

Happy Monday!!


  1. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Hope Santa was good to you this year! You and I will be walking together on our treadmills this week it looks like....gotta get off those holiday crappy pounds :(

  2. So much harder with a winter cold. I feel no love for doing anything but sleeping!! I'm hanging in there though!

  3. omigosh. I love love love Dexter! seriously I´m obsessed.. haha I met them all at comic-con I´ll have to share some pics as I´m finding a bunch of us bloggies love the same shows oh i also met the True blood folks. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, sounds like you didn´t do too bad, don´t beat yourself up for Christmas Eve, I think we all did a little of that, let´s just hop back on. ;)

  4. Hey! I just found your blog-- I really like it! Congrats on posting those pics--I know how hard it was for me to do the same on my blog. Such a vulnerable feeling. I'm looking forward to dropping by often, especially since I see that you are a fellow premium TV afficionado :). I love Dexter and True Blood! Did you finish season 5 yet? LOVED it.