Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Just keep clear mind, go straight ahead, and try, try, try for ten thousand years." -Zen Saying

Weigh in today was not good but not bad either, because, for now, I will look at it like this: I didn't gain any weight, so there's that.  I did my second weigh in and nothing.  Kinda bummed because I did work out twice this week, I let go of soda (except for sharing one with my honey, which is SO good for me, I usually consume one a day to myself) and I didn't "blank eat" at all.  Blank eating to me is when I stuff my face for no reason.  All week, being at work, helped control what I ate and when I ate. SO ... this week was successfull.  It's a start ...

On a good note, I did create Christmas cookies with my daughter and I didn't eat a dozen.  I ate only one. They were too cute to eat ...

Happy Monday, Friends!!


  1. Loving the pictures - and the attitude! You are right: no gain is a good week. Especially a week like this one where there is nothing but sabotage around every corner, it seems! Have a great evening :)